Drive Navigator Plus©Clairvoyance

Model Drive Navigator Plus©Clairvoyance
Apple CarPlay Supported
Android Auto Supported
Dimensions 96mm x 244mm x 26mm
Screen Size 26cm (Diagonally)
Operating Voltage 12 - 36 Volts 3 Amps
Built-In Speaker Yes
FM Transmitter Yes
AUX Port 3.5mm
Audio Output AUX / Bluetooth / FM / Built-In Speaker
Bluetooth BT 5.1
microSD Up to 256GB

Intelligent and Safe

Discover the ultimate in driving technology with Drive Navigator Plus©Clairvoyance Featuring an integrated 4K dashcam for unparalleled security and CarPlay/Android Auto for smart connectivity. Its intuitive touch screen and advanced features ensure every trip is safer, more interactive, and enjoyable. Embrace innovation and safety in one sleek package.


DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance integrated dashcam brings a new level of safety and convenience to driving. It features a 4K front and 1080P rear camera, capturing wide-angle views with clarity. The dashcam's loop recording and G-sensor automatically save crucial footage, ensuring every important moment is recorded, providing invaluable evidence in case of incidents or disputes on the road.


Connect your iPhone effortlessly to CarPlay via WiFi and Bluetooth with DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance. This intuitive device is easy to install, suitable for all users. It supports Siri for voice commands, enhancing your drive. DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance is also compatible with apps like Maps, Waze, YouTube, and Apple Music, offering navigation and entertainment right at your fingertips.


DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance provides effortless wireless connection to your Android phone, offering hands-free capabilities for calls, music, and navigation. Simple to set up, it integrates with Google Assistant for voice commands. Compatible with apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and YouTube, it enriches your driving experience with entertainment and navigation at your reach.


DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance lets you relish music through its built-in speaker, or link it to your car's audio system using AUX for superior sound. Alternatively, use its FM transmitter or Bluetooth for a wireless experience. This adaptability guarantees top-notch audio, fitting any car's sound setup.


DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance offers an affordable upgrade over standard car stereos. Installation is a breeze—just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter with the included cable. Enjoy its features immediately without complicated setup or extra costs.


The optional backup camera for DriveNavigatorPlus©Clairvoyance, requiring some extra installation time, is perfect for drivers seeking reverse visual aid without built-in systems. Check the FAQ for guidance. This add-on boosts safety and ease for reversing.

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