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Mini Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner

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▶ Versatile Cleaning Companion: Experience a powerful 12,000Pa suction force with our upgraded driver system. The DrivePlay Hand Vacuum ensures consistent suction power throughout your cleaning session.

▶ 4-In-1 Car Vacuum: This vacuum serves as a vacuum, air pump, inflator, and blower, all in one smart design. It comes with four universal nozzles, suitable for inflating various-sized products like air mattresses, pool floats, inflatable furniture, and more.

▶ Silent and Powerful Motor: The triple-phase brushless motor operates at speeds of up to 80,000RPM. Powered by a 3*2000mAh large capacity battery, it offers an extended 25-minute operation with minimal noise (less than 65dB), making your cleaning tasks more enjoyable.

▶ Hassle-Free Dust Disposal: Emptying the dust bin is a breeze with a simple click. The cap of the dust bin pops open automatically, ensuring you don't dirty your hands during the process. It's a considerate and convenient feature.

▶ Ultra Slim & Lightweight Design: Cordless and slim, weighing only 0.96LB, the DrivePlay portable vacuum provides a comfortable grip and effortless operation. Say goodbye to power outlet limitations and enjoy extended usage without discomfort.

What's included?

  1. Mini Portable Auto Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Two In One Suction Nozzle
  3. Small nozzle
  4. Medium Nozzle
  5. Large Nozzle
  6. Silicone Nozzle
  7. Manual
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Delivering Suction Power on Par with Household Vacuums

12,000Pa Suction Power: Enhanced Performance

With an 8000RPM triple-phase brushless motor delivering a powerful 12,000Pa suction, the DrivePlay Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can efficiently remove sand, dust, cat litter, puppy hair, and crumbs.

Max Suction - 12,000 Pa
Standard Suction - 7,000 Pa

Airflow Rate - 500L/min

Convenient & Versatile

4 In 1 Design

By combining vacuuming, inflating, pumping, and blowing into a single machine, we open up new possibilities for car vacuum cleaners.

Conținut pliabil

How do i turn the vacuum on ?

To begin using the vacuum cleaner, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

Should i wash the filter every time after using it ?

Washing the filter too \ frequently can reduce the lifespan of the HEPA filter. Instead, we recommend tapping out the dust from the HEPA filter.

Can the vacuum perform inflation and blowing tasks ?

Yes, the vacuum is versatile and can serve as both a vacuum cleaner and an inflator for items like storage bags, swim rings, and even as a camping fire blower.

What should I do if my vacuum cleaner doesn't work even when fully charged?

What should i do if my vacuum cleaner doesn't work even when fully charged ?

If your vacuum cleaner isn't functioning even when fully charged, it's important to note that the automatic shutdown feature may activate due to the motor's temperature rising caused by a blocked filter. To resolve this, we recommend knocking out the dust inside the HEPA filter after each use.

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