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Drive Navigator Plus©.

Drive Navigator Plus©.

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Drive Navigator Plus©

Model Drive Navigator Plus©
Apple CarPlay Supported
Android auto Supported
Dimensions 96mm x 244mm x22mm
Screen Size  22cm (diagonally)
Operating Voltage 12-36 volts 3 Amps
Backup Camera Optional Add-On
FM Transmitter Yes
AUX Port 3.5 mm
Audio Output AUX / Bluetooth / FM
Bluetooth Yes
MicroSD Up to 256GB

Drive Navigator Plus© has a 22CM HD display for a clear and immersive view.

Experience optimal, safer driving with the high-definition screen of Drive Navigator Plus©. Get crisp, accurate navigation information and a comfortable viewing experience without compromising on the road. Perfect for long-distance and urban travel, it guarantees an immersive journey with exceptional visuals.


Experience seamless integration between your phone and Drive Navigator Plus© with MirrorLink's real-time transmission of images, intuitive navigation, immersive multimedia, enhanced security, and universal compatibility.

Experience seamless connectivity with Drive Navigator Plus©, offering seamless integration with Android and iPhone phones

Whether you're using an Android device or an iPhone, our Drive Navigator Plus© is designed to give you a connected, intuitive driving experience.

For Android users :Easily connect your Android phone to Drive Navigator Plus© and access apps from the screen. Use voice control to manage calls, messages, and apps while driving.

For iPhone users :Effortlessly sync your iPhone with Drive Navigator Plus© for a seamless experience. Enjoy the convenience of Apple CarPlay integration for easy access to apps, navigation, music, and more on the navigator screen. Safely manage calls and messages while driving with Drive Navigator Plus©. Experience optimal connectivity for a connected and stress-free driving adventure, regardless of your device.

Enhance safety and convenience with our integrated rearview camera option for Drive Navigator Plus©

Use precise guidelines:Dynamic visual cues show on screen for orientation and obstacle avoidance.Ensure safer driving:Detect obstacles behind you to minimize collision risks with pedestrians, other vehicles, and your own vehicle.Easy Parking: Simplify parking and boost confidence with compact rearview camera.solution.


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Designed in PARIS Products designed & developed in Paris.
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